Rigid Industries Street - Rigid Industries LED Lighting
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Rigid Industries Street

A Very Clean and Sexy Subaru Forester with a front end full of Rigids!

Subaru Forester

This black Forester is led by a set of Rigid Industries D2 Driving LED Lights and a 10" SR_Series LED Light Bar.

Rigid Industries lights used on the track!

20" SR-Series and two D-Series lights

Subaru with Rigid Industries lights


20" SR-Series and 30" SR-Series

Sleek Cadillac CTS with Sr-Series lights


20" SR-Series and two 6" SR-Series lights

BMW on the track with Rigid Industries lights


20" SR-Series and two 6" SR-Series

Rigid Industries D-Series on a motorcycle

Getting in line for the next race!

Rigid Industries Flush Mounted SR-Q2 LED Lights installed on the bumper for night racing!

BMW Track Car with a Rigid 20" SR-Series Leading the Way!


Need some help finding the track at night? Check out this BMW utilizing a Rigid Industries Amber SR-Series to see whats ahead.