Titan Getting ready to enter the Cave
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2009 Nissan Titan | Titan Getting ready to enter the Cave
7.0" x 3.5" Rectangular These rectangular lights are ideal for over or under bumper and grille guard applications. They feature lead crystal lens with "E" Mark certified precision optics and hermetic 100% WATERPROOF design with double-wedged grommet. They are powered by 55W XENON Hyper White bulbs for superior performance. Available in clear driving and clear fog. Each kit contains: • (2) lights • (2) bulbs • (2) Stone Guards • Mounting Hardware • Switch w/Indicator Light • In-Line 20A Fuse • 30A Relay • Pre-Terminated Wiring Harness
Delta Combo Light Bar was specifically designed for Truck due to its universal mounting bolt locations. The Combo Ground Light Bar provides three distinct functions: a long range beam (3 xenon driving lights), peripheral beam (2 xenon fog lights), rock crawling lights (2 xenon flood lights). It is constructed of 13 ga. plasma cut powder coated steel which mounts to the existing bolts on your front bumper. NO DRILLING. The steel bar will add extra strength to your front bumper. It also acts as a skid-plate for your steering box by virtually wrapping around the box. The Set comes with an OEM pre-terminated double wiring harness allowing you to control each battery of lights independently. The set contains: • 1 (ea) Steel cross bar • 7 (ea) Xenon lights • 2 (ea) OEM wiring harnesses • 2 (ea) Toggle switches – 1 double throw, 1 illuminated sgl. • 2 (ea) Relays and fuses
Delta Hood Light Bar was specifically developed Trucks It was designed to complement the Delta SkyBar . The Hood Bar is constructed of plasma cut powder coated steel cross bar and machined billet aluminum mounting arms. The Bar offers a vertical swivel for precision aiming and it comes with pre-terminated 3 (ea) 6000K HID or LED driving lights producing an incredible powerful white “daylight” beam of light for night trail adventures. The lights come equipped with hard plastic covers. The set is also equipped with a complete OEM harness, relay, switch and fuse. (Note: this Hood Bar if used with an optional Hood Bar Mounting Kit #01-9522-BRT, could be used on most trucks and SUV’s). The set contains: • 1 (ea) Steel cross bar • 3 (ea) HID driving lights with internal ballasts (Total 8.75 Amps) • 3 (ea) Hard plastic covers • 2 (ea) machined billet aluminum engraved mounting arms • 1 (ea) OEM wiring harness • 1 (ea) Relay and fuse * 2013 and up JK might need an extender bracket #05-9522-BRT due to water Jets being relocated wich requires Hood Bar to be raised for the neccesary clearance.
These 150 Series are the most popular 6" round lights in the industry. They feature a tough glass reinforced polypropylene housing, European prismatic lead crystal lens with SAE and "E" Mark certified precision optics. This light also features a 4-way Spherical Bracket and is ideal for any front bar or grille guard application. Powered by 55w Xenon bulbs. Available in Driving, Clear Fog or Yellow Fog. Each kit contains: Two lights with stone guards (hard covers are optional), complete pre-terminated harness with switch, fuse and relay. Size 6.4" Dia. x 3 Deep

Titan Getting ready to enter the Cave

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Vehicle Info: 2009 Nissan Titan

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