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LS-Series Crate Engines

From street rods and resto-mod muscle cars to off-roaders and race cars of every type, LS-engine power is the hottest trend in the industry – and nobody offers more ready-to-install LS crate engines than Chevrolet Performance!

LT1 6.2L


Chevrolet Performance is proud to offer the all-new LT1 crate engine. Introduced on the seventh-generation Corvette Stingray, the LT1 6.2L opened the next chapter in the long, historic legacy of the Small-Block engine – and gives your project vehicle a high-tech heart transplant with an unprecedented balance of performance and efficiency!

LSA 6.2L


The LSA 6.2L supercharged engine delivers 556 horsepower with refinement that is rare in the world of high performance. It is smooth, quiet and well-balanced, all while delivering the kind of immediate delivery of power that will take your breath away – and likely some of your car’s tires!

LS9 6.2L


The LS9 is a technological marvel. High-rpm-validated lightweight reciprocating parts, including titanium intake valves, are used, along with high-flow cylinder heads that draw the charge forced on them by a sixth-generation supercharger.

LS7 7.0L


The LS7 7.0L will go down in history as a benchmark in naturally aspirated power. It powered the world-beating C6 Corvette Z06 and has become a popular engine for enthusiasts who want its uncompromising performance in their project vehicle.

LS3 6.2L


As the standard engine in the fifth-generation Camaro SS and C6 Corvette, the high-revving, deep-breathing LS3 6.2L is poised to go down in history as one of Chevrolet’s best and most versatile engines. It’s no surprise that enthusiasts and builders have made it one of the most popular LS swap engines.

LC9 5.3L


Our LC9 5.3L crate engine makes a great, affordable alternative to a used LS engine for your project. It is based on the workhorse power plant used in hundreds of thousands of GM trucks, including the Chevrolet Silverado and Suburban. It’s rated at 320 horsepower and tuned to deliver exceptional torque at low rpm.