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Translogic 181: Energica Ego Electric Motorcycle

Translogic's Jonathon Buckley takes a ride on the Energica Ego, an all-electric superbike, and speaks with executives from the Italian upstart.

Translogic 180: Zombie 222 Electric '68 Mustang

Translogic heads to Austin, TX for a chance to drive an all-electric Zombie 222 '68 Mustang, converted by Mitch Medford and the team at Blood Shed Motors. This vehicle has classic looks, but modern performance that surpasses some supercars. With over 800 horsepower and massive torque, the Zombie 222 is the fastest electric car we've ever driven.

Translogic 178: Lightning Motorcycles LS-218

Translogic host Johnathon Buckley tests Lightning Motorcycle's all-electric Lightning LS-218.

Translogic Episode 177

Translogic heads to Ford's Research and Innovation Center in Silicon Valley for a peak behind the scenes at the latest tech being produced by the traditionally Michigan-based automaker. We hear about why the automaker moved some of its R&D operations from Dearborn to Palo Alto and also get an early look at the all-new Ford GT supercar with Ford CEO