30 Years of the BMW M3
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 BMW  | 30 Years of the BMW M3
The 1986 BMW M3 Pickup started out as a 3 Series convertible with the "Italian M3" engine, which was later replaced by the original 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that generated 200 HP. It was used for about 26 years as a transporter before retiring in 2012.
The 1996 M3 Compact was meant to appeal to younger customers wanting to enter the world of M cars. When making the vehicle, BMW planned to reduce the 3.2-liter inline-six's output for road use, but the prototype still puts out the full 321 HP.
The 2000 M3 Touring was built to serve in-house purposes. Essentially, BMW built the vehicle to prove that it could be done with little difficulty.
Like the original M3 Pickup prototype, the 2011 M3 Pickup started out with a convertible model. BMW though, decided to play a prank on enthusiasts and use the pickup as an April Fool's joke. It is currently used as a workshop transport car, licensed for road use.

30 Years of the BMW M3

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We're taking you back to 30 years of the iconic BMW M3.

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