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1971 Nissan  | Final Picture
While Borelli Motor Sports managed the entire job and did a lot of the mechanical work, many other shops and individuals contributed in key ways. These include: Dell Auto Body & Refinishing — All body work and repainting Finish Line Automotive Interiors — All interiors, including mats Troy Ermish, Inc. — An experienced Datsun/Nissan tech who handled the rebuilding of the engine Chris Zervos and Borelli Motor Sports — Final assembly
Borelli Motor Sports

Final Picture

Parked to

Phil Koen's 240Z


Borelli Motor Sports

“It’s an absolutely amazing restoration,” Phil stated. “It really hums. It sounds great, and has all the acceleration that I remember. I’m very pleased with the work Borelli Motor Sports did.

Vehicle Info: 1971 Nissan


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