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1971 Nissan  | Final Picture
The massive undertaking included: Separating the body from the chassis to do the extensive body work required Removing the rust from the body that had accumulated over the decades Finding a pristine nose clip (the original had been damaged in the mid-1970s in an accident and was filled with Bondo) Welding an undamaged nose clip onto the body to fit right down to the exact micrometer Hand-tooling, welding and grinding out the beads on new rear panels to replace some of the Z’s old ones Priming and applying original Kilimanjaro white paint Replacing the worn turquoise interior fabric and mats with authentic, all-black ones Upgrading the suspension while keeping it all struts Adding new mag wheels, while installing new drum brakes like the original ones Using a photo to match the original racing stripes on the car Restoring the original Gardena Datsun license plate holder — the dealership was the #1 seller of 240Z cars in the country back in the 1970s Installing an upgraded, modern stereo — one of the few components that are not original — so Phil and Peggy can listen to all those great rock songs from their high school and college years
Borelli Motor Sports

Final Picture

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Phil Koen's 240Z


Borelli Motor Sports

“It’s an absolutely amazing restoration,” Phil stated. “It really hums. It sounds great, and has all the acceleration that I remember. I’m very pleased with the work Borelli Motor Sports did.

Vehicle Info: 1971 Nissan


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