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Other than the Article marker, which is locked to the bottom right of an image, markers can be placed anywhere on an image. However, best practice is to put the marker in a logical location. So your product marker for supercharger should go on the engine, not near the back wheel.
The product marker is our most popular marker. Make sure you include a good thumbnail, and some kind of pricing information.
Video markers are a great way to add a "lean back" experience to your content. Use it to let the user dive even deeper into your content. Right now, this is YouTube only.
How-tos are great for tutorials. If you have a really long, in depth tutorial, split it up among multiple images so that one sing how-to doesn't get overcrowded.
The information marker is a catch-all for general text information. It's the most versatile, so it's easy to use as a crutch. If you find yourself using multiple info markers (like we've done here!), try to think about how to get more creative.
The article marker is always locked to the bottom right of the image. It's a great way to drive people to an article or blog post.
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