Ducati Superleggera - Side Shot
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2014 Ducati  | Ducati Superleggera - Side Shot
To be fast – the primary goal of any performance motorcycle. Perhaps the most essential component of speed, acceleration gives a bike its visceral thrill on the street and enables scorching lap times on the track. In a strictly technical sense, the acceleration of a motorcycle is a function of force and mass; to increase it, one must either increase the bike’s power (force), or decrease its weight (mass). In accord with 1199 Superleggera’s extraordinary nature, its engineers pursued both components of acceleration, giving it maximum power and minimum weight to make it phenomenally quick. Maximum power begins with an “R” spec Superquadro engine, already the world’s most advanced twin-cylinder. Titanium exhaust valves are added to its titanium intake valves, all of which are precision-actuated Desmodromically using a dedicated high-performance camshaft. Low friction 2-ring Superbike pistons are fitted, and the combustion chamber’s “squish” area is modified, raising compression to 13.2:1. The power of combustion is transmitted by titanium rods to an ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight crankshaft, perfectly balanced with exotic tungsten counterweights; while spent gases exit through a high-flow titanium exhaust. The combined result is a stratospheric 200+ hp - the most powerful street engine Ducati has eve

Ducati Superleggera - Side Shot

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1199 Superleggera



The Ducati track monster.

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