Vic's 32 Ford
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1932 Ford  | Vic's 32 Ford
Whether you’re from the East or the West it would be impossible to discuss hot rods past or present without mentioning the name Edelbrock. The Edelbrock company has supplied the demand for every element of America’s hot rodding and racing heritage. Edelbrock speed parts have adorned America’s legendary engines from the flathead to the nailhead and even to the Hemi. The Edelbrocks have been fulfilling every racers dream of speed and horsepower in polished finned aluminum since the early days of competition. Nothing performs better or looks as good as an Edelbrock-equipped engine. From start to finish, the major components are made “in house” right here in our own backyard.

Vic's 32 Ford

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Vic's '32


Vehicle Info: 1932 Ford


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