Ron Hornaday's #97 NASCAR In Action
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1960 Ford Galaxie | Ron Hornaday's #97 NASCAR In Action
Galpin also sponsored driver “Steady Eddie” Gray, whose Starliner was #98; Hornaday’s was #97, the number Ron would use on nearly every car he raced.
Galpin Auto Sports - GAS

Ron Hornaday's #97 NASCAR In Action

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RON Hornaday’s #97 NASCAR


Galpin Auto Sports - GAS

Ron’s first Galpin-sponsored race was at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in 1960. He was reluctant to bang up his new race car on the track, so in the pits, Frank Galpin grabbed a hammer and dented every body panel, telling Ron to “get out there and race!”

Vehicle Info: 1960 Ford Galaxie


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