Nicky Hayden - Determined
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2012 Ducati  | Nicky Hayden - Determined
Prints in this edition are available with to without this custom black/green double mat set with engraved plaque. See Read Full Article link at right for details.
Each print in this edition was signed by Nicky Hayden and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that displays details of the edition and a photo of Nicky Hayden holding a just-signed copy.
Each copy in the edition is individually numbered.

Nicky Hayden - Determined

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Limited Editions



An edition limited to 10 copies, signed by Nicky Hayden. Prints are 24x15" on lustre paper, mounted on Styrene and available with or without the custom green/black mat set and plaque shown in this image.

Vehicle Info: 2012 Ducati


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