2007 Saleen Mustang
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2007 Ford Mustang | 2007 Saleen Mustang
JMS 1.5" Liquid-Filled Gauges monitor nitrous oxide, fuel and oil pressure. JMS Gauges feature a classic white face with chrome bezel, are easy to install, and have a universal 1/8" NPT inlet-port design.
PedalMAX™, the industry's first and only complete solution designed to improve throttle response and improve driving characteristics on all 2005 and newer Ford vehicles. PedalMAX is easy to install, and plugs in-line between the vehicle's throttle position sensor and vehicle harness, providing a huge improvement in throttle performance and responsiveness.
The JMS PowerMAX® FuelMAX Fuel Pump Voltage Booster is now designed to be plug and play for 2005-2010 Mustang, creating a simple and complete solution, with as much as an 80% increase in fuel delivery.
The JMS swaybar relocation bracket for S197 Mustangs are designed to move the rear bar more towards the centerline of the wheel which will allow Drag Racers to run 15 inch wheels.
JMS Avenger Series Wheels feature a contemporary five-spoke design, while the Savage Series Wheels feature a modern five-hole drag style design. Both series wheels are manufactured from single-piece aluminum moldings that offer high-strength, yet are lightweight. Each style will be available in the following finishes; Polished Silver, Satin Silver, Chrome Silver, Gloss Black and Black Chrome. For an ultra-modern look, the wheels are also offered with a diamond or mill cut process prior to finishing.
JMS Progressive Nitrous Controller allows for maximum nitrous tuning ability. The nitrous controller is simple to use and features rotary switches that allow you to control the flow of nitrous without a computer. The built-in window switch feature monitors throttle position and automatically activates the nitrous system at wide open throttle when engine RPM is above 2,800 RPM, and deactivates above 7,000 RPM.
The JMS PowerMAX® SparkMAX V2 provides the highest continuous voltage and amperage output without noise, and offers up to 31 volts of output, while supporting both coil-on-plug and traditional single coil applications. This easy to use in-line device combines the highest maximum continuous amperage and voltage available in an ignition-boosting product. The extended benefits of increased spark and voltage include: completely eliminating spark blowout in supercharged or turbocharged applications, and improving power and fuel-economy by allowing a wider spark plug gap to be used to maximize performance.
The JMS Mass Air Modifier is the only product that can filter the mass air signal, while also scaling the signal to extend the dynamic range of the sensor. Cold air kits, camshafts, and the architecture of your air inlet on a turbo or supercharging system are just a few examples of what can cause turbulent airflow and a noisy mass air signal.

2007 Saleen Mustang

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