Motion Pro Revolver Variable Rate Throttle Kit 01-2667

Motion Pro Revolver Variable Rate Throttle Kit 01-2667

Motion Pro Revolver Variable Rate Throttle Kit 01-2667

Motion Pro Revolver Variable Rate Throttle Kit 01-2667


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Innovative reel changing system allows you to tailor your throttle rate to riding conditions and rider preference
Kit includes four reel sizes: 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, and 50 mmUse smaller reels for slower throttle rate and larger reels for faster throttle rateUnique reel design allows fast reel changes without having to readjust cablesCable boot keeps dirt and dust out for reliable, smooth operationBillet aluminum inline cable adjusters for easy installation and adjustmentRemovable setscrew in throttle housing allows for installation on drilled or undrilled handlebarsKit includes complete Revolver Throttle assembly and high-quality Motion Pro black vinyl cables specifically designed for your bike. Sportbike kits include Motion Pro RoadControl grips and Off-Road kits include Motion Pro DirtControl grips.Simple to install and maintainDesigned by Motion ProPatent pending


Gauge Type --
Voltage --
Sound Level --
Rotor Material --
Usage --
Brake Pad Material --
Pipe Material --
Motorcycle & Powersports Part SubTypes --
Air Intake Part Type --
Cranking Amps --
Bodywork Type --
Brake Part Type --
Brake Line Material --
Monoblock --
Cable Type --
Cap & Cover Type --
Clutch Part Type --
Cooling Part Type --
Data Acquisition Part Type --
Drive & Trans Part Type --
Sprocket Tooth Count --
Sprocket Chain Compatibility --
Electrical Part Type --
Engine Part Type --
Exhaust Type --
Exhaust Style --
Canister Material --
Tip Material --
Removable Insert --
Filter Type --
High Performance/Flow --
Cleanable --
Foot Controls Part Type --
Folding peg/lever --
Adjustable Footpeg Position --
Farm & Swingarm Part Type --
Fuel Part Type --
Gas / Oil Tank Part Type --
Crash Protection Part Type --
Handlebar Type --
Hand Controls Part Type --
Folding Lever --
Adjustable Lever --
Shorty Lever --
Adjustable Throttle --
License Plate Part Type --
Lighting Type --
Luggage Part Type --
Mirror Type --
Seating Part Types --
Suspension Part Types --
Compression Adjustable --
Rebound Adjustable --
Ride Height Adjustable --
Preload Adjustable --
Wheel & Axle Part Types --
Tinted / Colored --


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