Weiand 9593 SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit

Weiand 9593 SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit

Weiand 9593 SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit

SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit; For 142/144/174/177 Blowers; Incl. Front Cover/Nose Seal/Rear Cover Gaskets;


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Supercharger Gasket

SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit

SuperCharger Gasket and Seal Kit; For 142/144/174/177 Blowers; Incl. Front Cover/Nose Seal/Rear Cover Gaskets;

  • Material: Composite
  • Thickness: Various
  • WARNING CA Proposition 65: No

  • Gasket And Seal Kit

If you're rebuilding or taking apart your supercharger, then you will need these Weiand supercharger gasket sets. They include the necessary gaskets and seals to keep your supercharger operating at the proper boost levels. Available for a variety of Weiand superchargers, these Weiand supercharger gasket sets will provide you with quality gaskets and get you back on the road quicker.

The Weiand Company was founded by Phil Weiand as a performance parts warehouse in the 1930s and sold a variety of speed parts. The first Weiand product, the "High Weiand" manifold was manufactured and marketed in 1937. It was the first aluminum intake on the market. In 1949 Weiand introduced a series of "tri-power" and four 2-barrel manifolds and immediately after WWII Weiand debuted a line of aluminum cylinder heads for flathead Ford engines. The famous "Drag Star" line of "log" manifolds for Hemi engines was introduced in 1952 and in 1957 Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC 6-71 supercharger. Other feats first dual plane, "Colt" 180 degree intake 1965, and in 1968 came the "Hi-Ram Manifold" with its patented D-port technology. Next "X-terminator" single plane manifold series in 1972 and Weiands high performance aluminum water pumps the following year. "X-CELerator", a series of performance single plane intakes was developed in 1974. "Team G" series of 360 racing manifolds were introduced in 1978. A year later "Action" series of high performance replacement manifolds debuted. Weiand became the first OE supplier of superchargers to Mercury Performance Marine in 1990, and over the next three years the "Stealth" series of high performance dual plane manifolds was designed, the "Pro-Street" supercharger was certified "emissions legal" by CARB and Weiand received the industry's first "E.O." for an intake manifold. Then the 8-71 supercharger for SBC and BBC in 1996 and the first aluminum LS-1 intake manifold in 2002. In 2005 Weiand began designing manifolds on Computational Fluid Dynamics software to deliver perfectly designed runner lengths for maximum air/fuel delivery on its newest intakes the Warrior line. To make more power you have to get more air into your engine. Look to Weiand as your power source, or partner with products from other Holley companies, to give you even more power!


Engine Components SubTypes --
Cylinder Count --
Cylinder Bore --
Cam Style --
Stroker --
Crankshaft Undersize (in) --
Crankshaft Undersize (mm) --
Grooved Bearing --
Main Journal Type --
Deck Height (in) --
Pulley Material --
Pulley Style --
Belt Style --
Belt Rib Count --
Belt Length (in) --
Engine Balance Type --
Engine Balance Weight --
Filter Style --
Oil Pump Style --
Rod Length (in) --
Stroke (in) --
Piston Style --
PSI Range --
Cover Height --
Valve Head Diameter --
Valvetrain Part --
Magnetic --
Engine Type --
Engine Parts SubTypes --
Air Cleaner Included --
Camshaft Configuration --
Camshaft Lifter Style --
Camshaft Pre-Timed --
Carburetor Included --
Cylinder Head Material --
Distributor Included --
EFI Computer Included --
Engine Cubic Inch Displacement (ci) --
Engine Oil Sump Style --
Exhaust Manifold Included --
Hydraulic or Solid Camshaft --
Ignition Control Module Included --
Intake Manifold Included --
Spark Plug Wires Included --
Spark Plugs Included --
Thermostat Housing Included --
Throttle Body Included --
Timing Belt Included --
Timing Chain Included --
Timing Cover Included --
Valves Per Cylinder --
Water Pump Included --
Wiring Harness Included --
Engine Block Style --
Engine Block Material --
Main Bolt Style --
Main Caps Included --
Main Cap Material --
Main Cap Fasteners Included --
Main Bearings Included --
Rear Main Seal Style --
Raised Cam Location --
Cam Bearings Included --
Freeze Plugs Included --
Camshaft Sprocket Material --
Camshaft Sprocket Tooth Count --
Camshaft Sprocket Type --
Retaining Hardware Included --
Installation Hardware Included --
Timing Cover Height --
Timing Cover Width --
Timing Chain Style --
Chain Material --
Adjustable Boost --
Maximum Boost (psi) --
Supercharger Belt Type --
Supercharger Style --
Bearing Type --
Cooling Method --
Wastegate Actuator Included --
Baffled --
Crank Shaft Wiper Included --
Dipstick Port --
Drain Plug Thread Size --
Gaskets Included --
Kicked Out --
Oil Pan Capacity (qt) --
Oil Pan Depth (in) --
Oil Pan Material --
Sump Location --
Sump Style --
Windage Tray Included --
Handle Material --
Drain Plug Callout Size - Metric --
Head Size (Metric) --
Overall Length (in) --
Shank Length (in) --
Socket Points --
Displacement --
Block Size --


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