Old Muffler Removed
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1974 Porsche 914 | Old Muffler Removed
Three 13mm nuts and bolts were removed and saved for reuse with new muffler.
This is the muffler hanger. No need to unbolt the top. The bolt that goes in this hole has a washer that is used to fasten this support to the new muffler. So, in order from the front of the car, to the rear - Heat Exchanger flange, gasket, new muffler flange, muffler support, washer, nut.
Brian Bagel

Old Muffler Removed

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Tangerine EVO IV Install


Brian Bagel

3 13mm nuts and bolts were holding the old muffler on. They were simply reused for install.

Vehicle Info: 1974 Porsche 914


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