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One. Wheels by Centaurlyn Felge. Very high quality from Asia (the website wasn’t specific as to where in Asia).
Two. Getting the right wheel is easy since these are universal fit. So no worrying about bolt pattern, offset or width.
Three. These wheels, unlike so many others, have diameters measured metrically. To compensate for 20 inch tires, the manufacturer suggests overinflating the tire by 15 psi. That’s fine with me as handling is much more firm.
Four. No concern about brake cooling as the manufacturer assures the wheels are “gas permeable”. Air is a gas, too.
Five. There was a slight problem with installation due to an interfering cast tower on each wheel. But the Dremel, with a medium grit bit, easily trimmed the ceramic composite rotors.
Six. The manufacturer recommends a computer re-flash to optimize the wheels. At least that’s free and can be downloaded from a secure site with only your social security number.
JOE Bagel


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