2016 Toyota Prius
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2016 Toyota Prius | 2016 Toyota Prius
The look is similar to the Mirai. This new shape is "inspired by a runner in the starting blocks," and that, "the sporty design conveys a feeling of forward motion."
More "driving excitement" comes by way of a new resonsive suspension package and the Prius' inclusion into the Toyota's New Global Architecture, which lowers the center of gravity.
The one official fuel number Toyota gives is that it'll be 10% more efficient than the 3rd generation model when it comes to mpg. Think something like 56/53/55 city/highway/combined fuel economy.
The inside is standard Prius with center mounted dash with 1st gen Volt-ish plastic-surrounded gear selector.
This Hypersonic Red is a new color - one of 7 that'll be available for 2016.
The 2016 body style has not been popular with our readers. That much is clear.

2016 Toyota Prius

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Toyota says the new look for the world's best-selling hybrid has a "striking exterior design" and is "easy on the eyes." To each their own.

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