2016 Chevrolet Volt
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2016 Chevrolet Volt | 2016 Chevrolet Volt
You won't be spending much time in this area of the car. Total range is bumped from 380 miles to 420 miles due to boosts in fuel efficiency and electric mileage. Those numbers proved to be accurate Oh, and it'll run on regular gas, not just premium.
The interior has been completely revamped. Gone is the tacky plastic and oversized touch panel. In its place is a sensical array of real buttons and an 8-inch touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard as well.
The rear seat can hold three, but it's tight. At least you get the option for a third in the new generation.
The powertrain's increase in efficiency leads to better power delivery. This gives a 0-60 time of 8.4 seconds. It feels zippy.
Steering feels accurate and light. This makes the 3,543-pound car handle better than you'd expect.

2016 Chevrolet Volt

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Will the improved package turn this car into the hit that it's always aspired to be?

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