Hyundai SEMA Santa Fe
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 Hyundai Santa Fe | Hyundai SEMA Santa Fe
This Santa Fe has the same six-speed manual transmission from the Genesis Coupe R-Spec.
Bisimoto completely rebuilt the 3.8-liter engine, with forged pistons, stronger connecting rods, more aggressive cams, and a custom twin-turbo kit and intercooler.
The Turbonetics turbochargers can reach a peak pressure of 39 psi. To cope with the power, the computer limits boost in certain gears to help with traction.
Buddy Club 4-piston brakes, with Bisimoto brackets.
Fifteen52, 19-inch Tarmac R40 Wheels.
Hyundai Equus rear differential.

Hyundai SEMA Santa Fe

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Hyundai is going all out for this year's SEMA Show, bringing us a Santa Fe that has 1,040 hp and rear-wheel drive.

Vehicle Info: Hyundai Santa Fe


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