Hyundai SEMA Veloster Turbo
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2016 Hyundai Veloster | Hyundai SEMA Veloster Turbo
845 Motorsports intercooler, downpipe, cold-air intake, and ECU tune
NEO Motorsports coil-overs and 6-piston big brake kit
Toyo competition-spec tires
PPG Refinish Magic Magenta paint
EPR carbon-fiber front spoiler, side sills, and rear garnish
Cappelletti Design custom headlamps and foglamps

Hyundai SEMA Veloster Turbo

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Hyundai and Gurnade team up to build a mildly wild Veloster Turbo.

Vehicle Info: 2016 Hyundai Veloster


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    April Stanton

    I have a 1999 chrysler town and country lxi 3.8 engine some times when i go to come to a complete stop or alow down enough to turn my van stalls and dies then when put into park or neutral it starts right back up with no problem but when i put it in park or neutral it stalls real quick and dies