2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia
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2017 Alfa Romeo  | 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia
The display car is in Quadrifoglio spec, complete with a twin-turbocharged V6 that's said to make around 510 horsepower.
The target 0-60mph time is under 4 seconds. That's a serious goal and we hope they nail it.
Steering is also said to be the quickest in its class - paired with the other performance figures as we might be looking at the best way to cart your kids around in Italian style.
Look for this top-of-the-line model to start at $70,000 or $75,000. Less expensive (potentially gas and diesel 4 cylinders) models will be available for less, of course.
For a video & sound clip, copy and paste this link. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/06/24/alfa-romeo-giulia-sedan-510-horsepower/

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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This beautiful Italian saloon makes us swoon.

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