2015 Ford Focus ST
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2015 Ford Focus ST | 2015 Ford Focus ST
This particular model has a Mountune power pack upgrade that tacks on an extra $1,900. It adds 23 hp and 26 lb-ft of torque. On it's own it's just OK - it's tough to feel the extra power. With some other upgrades, it gets interesting.
Other upgrades include short-throw shifter, torque-biasing differential, front strut tower brace, lowering springs, and a special cat-back exhaust system which add another $3,132.
Steering feels a bit more precise with all of the upgrades. Torque steer is an issue, but always will be with that kind of power (275 hp total).
The best part is the exhaust upgrade. Looks great, sounds better. Worth the $$.
Recaro seats are ace, but the rest of the interior is a bit of a mess.
All in all, the ST with Mountune package and other upgrades is the best Focus I've driven. And at $31,890, it won't break the bank. But give me the Fiesta ST for pure fun economy.

2015 Ford Focus ST

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Is the ST too much boy racer, or just the right amount of fun?

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