Ferrari F12 TdF
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2016 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta | Ferrari F12 TdF
The update makes a great thing even better. The 6.3-liter V12 from the existing F12 Berlinetta has been upgraded from 730 horsepower to 769. Torque has been increased from 509 pound-feet to 520.
Shifts happen 30 percent faster, downshifts 40 percent faster that the regular F12.
Larger, wider wheels pair with the Virtual Short Wheelbase system (4-wheel steering) for some serious stickiness.
Upgraded aero throughout leads to 87 percent more downforce than the stock Berlinetta.
Alex L.

Ferrari F12 TdF

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Want! Can't have :-(


Alex L.

Ferrari gives the mighty Ferrari F12 Berlinetta a boost.

Vehicle Info: 2016 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


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    Alex L.

    What's the pricepoint on this? Not that I can afford it :-/