2016 Honda Civic
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2016 Honda Civic | 2016 Honda Civic
A 2-liter naturally aspirated, and a 1.5-liter turnbocharged are your engine options. The 1.5 is a real gem, putting out 174-horsepower and 162-pound-feet of torque with an incredibly flat power band. All that while giving you 42 miles per gallon highway and 31 in the city.
The one buzzkill about the powertrain is the CVT. It's the only transmission option on the 1.5-liter engine. And while it's fine around town, it's not ideal for spirited driving.
Fit and finish inside is high-quality Honda. The pictures probably don't do it justice. Good thing for Android Auto and CarPlay though as the Honda infotainment system still isn't great despite the welcomed move away from the two-screen design.
Chassis performance and ride weren't exactly stunning, but we are encouraged by this Civic as a platform for the Si and Type R.
Exterior styling is pretty good. You'll get an aggressive look with some interesting creases in the sheet medal. Add in the interesting lighting treatments, and overall, it's a good package for the price.

2016 Honda Civic

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This is a new machine, soup to nuts, built to draw crosshairs on the best compact cars in the world.

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