Ducati Hypermotard SP
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2014 Ducati HYPER MOTORARD 1100 EVO SP | Ducati Hypermotard SP
The Hypermotard SP uses a pressurised 50 mm diameter fully adjustable Marzocchi USD fork on the front , with technology derived from that included on the 1199 Panigale and which allows the motorbike to be adapted to the rider's style in the search for the best trajectory. The fork has anodised aluminium sliders which make it very light and technologically advanced: thanks to the 185 mm travel it guarantees high performance as well as great manoeuvrability.
An integral part of the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), the Ducati Traction Control system, which is adjustable over 8 levels (3 of which are integrated into the Riding Modes), processes the input from the wheel speed sensors to control rear wheel slip, significantly improving performance and active safety. At the first stage, if skidding is detected, the system intervenes "softly" by delaying ignition resulting in up to a 60% reduction in torque. If this initial intervention fails to control the skid, the Ducati Traction Control software continues to delay ignition and also cuts off the fuel injection to further reduce torque, until optimal rear-wheel grip is re-established. Each stage of the DTC, preset in the Riding Modes, can be tailored by the user and saved in the set-up menu.

Ducati Hypermotard SP

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Vehicle Info: 2014 Ducati HYPER MOTORARD 1100 EVO SP


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