2015 Mustang Rocket Front
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2015 Ford Mustang | 2015 Mustang Rocket Front
The handmade carbon-fiber body—constructed by renowned concept car builder, Metalcrafters, Inc.—features a front splitter, that works simultaneously with the rear spoiler, enlarged rear diffuser and carbon fiber aero skirts to provide high-speed downforce.
The beating heart of this monster is a 725 hp supercharged V8.
Galpin Auto Sports - GAS

2015 Mustang Rocket Front

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Galpin Auto Sports - GAS

Both Henrik Fisker and Galpin have a long history with specialty coach-building cars, and draw their inspiration from pony cars of the 60’s and 70’s. Together the team created a sculpted, sleek design, and loaded it with power and performance enhancements that rival supercars.

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