Dream rides 2015 - IXS USA
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Dream rides 2015

IXS photo shoot

Pause at the roadhouse

Kevlar reinforced riding jeans are cool and protective. Longley Jeans have Kevlar in the seat, the hips and the knees. And adjustable knee protectors.

Sole mates

The sneakers come in black or brown, waterproof and breathable, with protectors in the ankles, and reinforced heel and toe.

Adventure riding with IXS

The Eagle 2 Jacket is perfect for your next adventure: armored, breathable, full of pockets and comes with a removable waterproof liner and warm liner.

Leather girl

Nothing is sexier than a fast girl in leathers.

Getting back on the road

Textile apparel from IXS.

No paparazzi, please!

The Sting leather/Cordura jacket by IXS: well vented for your comfort; with elbow, shoulder and back protectors and reflective material for your safety.

First in the water

IXS makes riding apparel, but unfortunately no swimsuits...

Cruising in style

The Godwin jacket is part of the Spirit of '79 collection by IXS.


IXS makes vented apparel for him and for her, so that it is never too hot to wear the right gear.

The not-so-wild one


The Godwin is part of the Spirit of '79 collection by IXS.

Fueling up


The Quentin Jacket is part of the Spirit of '79 collection by IXS. Classic style and modern performance.

Cruiser Coffee

IXS makes riding boots.

Espresso on the road

The Finja jacket has a removable warm liner, and is windproof and waterproof for those days when you need a strong coffee to warm you up.

Looking fast

The Wakefield one-piece leather suit will take you from the track to the twisties.

Reaching the beach

Waterproof and breathable sneakers (with toe and ankle protectors) are what you want for a ride to the beach.

Ducati apex


The Wakefield one-piece leather suit looks as cool on the track as it does on the road.

Motorcycle love

IXS offers a wide line of women's riding apparel, in leather and textile.

Looking cool


Jacket and riding jeans from IXS. You can look cool and wear protective gear.

Pause on the highway

IXS offers one-piece and two-piece leather suits for the serious road rider.

Riding the Kawasaki in the mountains


IXS makes high-performance riding apparel.

Cool summer ride

Hot weather is perfect for our summer wear! IXS Alva mesh jacket on her, Archer pants on him. Protection and comfort.

Summer cool

When the mercury rises and the road calls... He is wearing an Andover mesh jacket and Archer mesh pants.

Looking for the best road

IXS makes a wide line of motorcycle apparel for touring riders, adventure riders and all other cruiser riders.

Campfire rider

He is wearing his Eagle II, a 3 layer waterproof, windproof, breathable high-performance jacket. The removable waterproof membrane and warm liner make it an ideal piece when riding in unpredictable conditions.

It's always sunny at IXS!

IXS makes riding apparel for women riders, on motorcycles and scooters.

Riding the twisties

Thruxton and Wakefield are two leather 1-piece suit. Great on the track and safe and comfortable in the twisties.

Stylish in the city

He wears the Cayenne Jacket II for men. This wool-mix jacket is waterproof, has a removable warm liner and has armor int he shoulders, elbows and back. And still looks like a very nice coat when you get off your bike.

Riding together

She wears the Finja jacket, perfect for all weather, waterproof, well vented and with a removable liner.

On the road or in town

She wears the Michigan II jacket, which looks as good in town as it is safe on the road.

Rina Jacket


Ride your scooter or ride your bike in all weather with the women's jacket Rina.

Cute mechanic!

Kiara Jacket

Dream garage

Kiara Jacket

She can wrench on your bike?

Kiara Jacket

Adventure riding


Memesis jacket in action

Riding off-road with friends


Eagle II jacket and Memesis jackets are excellent choices for adventure riding.

Riding off-road


IXS makes textile jackets and pants.

Riding off-road


IXS makes textile jackets and pants.