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Cool bikes and stuff


Donald Calder's Honda Cafe


I’m not completely sure that Donald Calder is the builder, he just posted the pictures on his Google+ page, but we’ll go with it for now. There’s a lot of custom work here, and the bike looks very polished and complete, almost like it’s a factory model. The carburetors are intriguing, as it looks like .... (Find Out More At Link)

Morning Wood By Garage Project Motorcycles

Honda CX500

Custom builders prove time and time again that you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The Honda CX500 was never, ever described as beautiful, especially the Custom version. It’s like Honda just didn’t know what they wanted from the bike, so .... (Find out more at link)

Wotjek Spyra's Yamaha XV750 'Cyclop'

1982 Yamaha XV750

I was always annoyed in English class when we would cover poetry. It was always the same, we were asked to interpret the meaning of different poems, but you were wrong if your interpretation was not the same as the teacher’s. One of the true beauties of art is that it can mean one thing to the artist, and many other things to observers.

Multistrada 1200 S - Left Side Angle

2015 Ducati MULTISTRADA 1200

Nothing stands in your way with the Multistrada.

Travertson V-Rex

When the major motorcycle manufacturers don’t build the cruiser you want, what are you supposed to do? If you’re Australian designer Tim Cameron, you sketch out what you want, post a 3D rendered version on the web, and then let fate takes it’s course.

Another Big Twin Custom BMW


Cafe build

Bobs Biker Blast Bike


Custom Giveaway Bikes for Bobs Biker Blast 2013

Memorial Day At The Dirt Track, Cedarburg, WI

BPG Werks DTV Shredder

Now for something completely different! BPG Werks has introduced the DTV (Dual Track Vehicle) Shredder, kinda like a cross between a tank and a Jet-Ski for dirt. Check out the website for details. Looks like a blast!

2015 Indian Scout – JUST REVEALED!

2015 Indian SCOUT

The first all-new Scout in 70 years joins Indian’s lineup.

2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke R on the Dyno

2014 Ktm

Horsepower and torque, and loads of both

Ducati Diavel Dark

2014 Ducati DIAVEL

A massive 240 section rear tyre is the perfect example of how Diavel designers used a no-compromise attitude when applying their wish list of features. The sheer width of rubber communicates so much power and style that the R&D team vowed to find, and succeeded in finding, a way to make it handle.

BKC Car & Bike Show