2016 Tesla Model X
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2016 Tesla Model X | 2016 Tesla Model X
You probably know about the falcon wing doors, but let's not forget about the ridiculously huge windshield, and the cabin filter that is capable of hospital-grade air cleanliness.
Two models are available right now. 90D and a P90D. The 90D starts at $133,200 while the P90D will set you back $143,200.
Both models come with dual-motor all wheel drive.
P90D has the “Ludicrous Speed” option that'll get you to 60mph in about 3.2 seconds. Oh yeah, that car weighs about 5,000lbs. Unreal.
Interior options are standard Tesla cool. The software package is capable of all of the upcoming autonomous driving options, and will be updated with those features over the air as they're available.
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2016 Tesla Model X

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The first models of the all electric SUV are delivered to their owners at a special even in Fremont, CA.

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