Porsche Cayman GT4
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2016 Porsche Cayman | Porsche Cayman GT4
For optimum roadholding, the new Cayman GT4 is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels in platinum color. These wheels are wide. So wide, in fact, that they practically fill out the wheel arches, which, in conjunction with the sport tires fitted as standard, improves both traction and cornering performance.
The sound of the new Cayman GT4 makes a statement of its own thanks to the selectable sport exhaust system with two-tract sport tailpipes in black. It produces an even more powerful sports car sound at the push of a button.

Porsche Cayman GT4

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We’ve given it everything it needs – not just to survive on the racetrack, but to blow it away. More downforce. More traction. More capacity. More thrust. More power. More than any Cayman has ever had before. That’s what makes it the Cayman GT4: the super GT with the distinctive mid-engine layout.

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