Rigid Industries Offroad - Rigid Industries LED Lighting
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Rigid Industries Offroad

Off Road Racer Heavy on Rigid Industries LED Lights

Ballistic BJ Baldwin trophy truck

BJ Baldwin cruising through the Baja 1000.

Rigid Lit Chevy!

Toyota Tundra

E-Series light bar on the roof as well on the bumper, along with the Rigid Industries back up light kit.

Justin Davis Getting it in the Gree Army Motorsports Truck!

Class 10 racer with Rigid Industries lights

Rigid Industries lights for maximum visibility!

E-Series lights bars

Rigid lights to light up the dunes!

50" and 20" E-Series light bars

Greene MotorSport's trophy truck

50" Rigid Industries E-Series Light bar on the roof with Duallys on each side of it. Underneath the E-Series Light bar there are four 10" SR-Series Light bars. In the push bumper there is a combination of different size E-Series light bars along with four more duallys.

LAPG Off Road Race Team

Ford Ranger

Rigid Industries is a proud to sponsor of LAPG and stoked to have them as a part of the Rigid Nation!

Azuñia Tequila Racing

Dirt Designs Prerunner

Austin Lessel getting some air time!

Whipping it out with a front end full of Rigids!

Boom! We soy....Rigid Industries Light Bars!

Plowing through some soft sand on the track!

Rigid Industries, Turning Night Into Day!

Rigid Industries lights win races!

10" and 50" lights bars with D-Series lights

Green Army Motorsports bringing it home!

Plowing through the sand!


Rigid Industries Lit Sand Rail

Trophy Truck with Rigid Industries lights

Trophy truck with Rigid Industries E-Series light bars and D-Series lights.