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Gale Banks Hot Rods Tesla S

#GaleBanks teams up with #ElonMusk to #HotRod #Tesla model S to make it even faster. Currently the Model S P100D has a mode called Ludacris and recently Road & Track magazine testers hit 0-60 mph in 2.27. Certainly fast, but not as fast as the Banks modified Tesla with #twinturbos. #BanksPower literally cut that time in half at recent test at the Las Vegas Drag Strip. With the Banks Power system installed, the Tesla Model S accelerated from 0-60 in 1.26 seconds. #Banks also increased the top speed from 155 mph to a mind blowing 218 mph thanks to our #performance mods and removing the speed limiter. At the same time we increased the Tesla’s range by 90 miles, taking it up to 427 miles. Unofficially, the new Tesla mode is being called “Hoodwink” after Gale's habit of winking at the hoods of cars he preps. Read more here: #AprilFools

Banks Power Tesla S

2017 Tesla Model S

Gale Banks teams up with Elon Musk to Hot Rod Tesla model S to make it even faster.