Porsche Announces Host of "Classic Centers"
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Currently, Classic Centers are delineated by flags in front of the dealership. Don't expect that to change.
Porsche is looking to expand their current (small) list of service centers to over 100 by 2018 (there are currently 24, mostly in the EU). This includes centers in North America. Now instead of your classic Porsche constantly sitting in your garage, they'll sit in an official Porsche service center!
Porsche says that over 70% of the cars they've ever built are still in service. Our guess is that 96% of the 30% not in service might be rusted-out 914s.
You won't only be able to have your Porsche serviced, but you'll also be able to buy classic Porsches from the Classic Centers. Most of us will just show up frequently to ogle the goods.

Porsche Announces Host of "Classic Centers"

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Owners of classic Porsches rejoice over official Porsche shops for their prized rides.

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